Thursday, 26 September 2013

Something a tad different

Lack of sculpture lately is shameful, this is being worked on.

In the mean time please check out the work of a photography group for people with learning difficulties that I volunteer with. We've recently been working on producing short films and I hope you'll agree the results are brilliant.

Thanks for your time, stay tuned.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Silver-plated bronze stick razors (Oct 2012)

Silver-plated bronze stick razors
A extension of the original bronze stick razors, this time the razors were silver-plated.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bronze stick razors (Sept 2012)

A set of razor handles that use bronze cast sticks as the handle. The handle fits nicely in the hand and is a lovely weight. Created as a commission for with the aim to create a sculptural shaving razor that looks beautiful. Some similar silver-plated razors are in the pipeline.

Bronze cast stick shaving razors


Monday, 10 September 2012

Short update

 Hello all, I've recently set up a small studio space to produce more work from. Will be presenting at Islington Arts fair 2012 on the 5th,6th and 7th of October. Will also have work at the Waterstreet gallery in Todmorden from the 1st of November. Keep an eye out for future pieces of work that are currently in the pipeline, also working on my first commission, exciting times ahead. 

Studio space

Thursday, 28 June 2012

'Cast hammers' (May 2012)

'Cast hammers' is an interactive instillation thats aim is to show the viewer how different an object can seem when it is presented in a different material, this compared to what you expect it to be from memories of a hammer. Viewers are encouraged to pick up the hammers and see the difference in the feel of the hammers. This I feel is the pieces strong point as the artist the exciting thing for me is seeing peoples reactions when they are touching and comparing the hammers.

Aluminum, terracota, rubber, porcelain, flocked, bronze, iron, wax, black rubber
The images below are a set of photographs exploring each hammers uselessness as a hammer.

Black rubber


Ceramic slip cast

Iron (rusted)
Latex rubber

Another box of stuff (May 2012)

A set of slip cast objects that are displayed in a set of three boxes. Each of the boxes have the same objects in them. Now that the objects have been slip cast they are all the same and have lost their individuality, history and function. Each one has a sentence that has been transferred onto it which explains this. The boxes are to suggest that the items are ready to be thrown away or taken to the attic.

'Another box od stuff' one bottle

'Take to the skip' one bottle

'Not fit for purpose' one bell

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

 Cast toys (February 2012)

A selection of different toys presented in different materials, the three toys that were used as the subjects were lego bricks, gameboys and hello kitty. Many final outcomes were achieved with varying results and succes.  
Ceramic Lego bricks
Ceramic Lego bricks
Bronze lego brick
Flocked lego brick, original, bronze lego brick and rubber lego brick

Ceramic Gameboys, three of the gameboys have bronze figures coming out of the screens to show how a gameboy comes to life when it is turned on.

Ceramic gameboy with bronze dinosaurs
Ceramic Hello kitties